Professional in Auto bumper mould, Auto dashboard mould, Auto door mould, Auto lamp mould, Auto Air-conditioner mould, and other auto interior mouldauto exterior moulds
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Taizhou Chengpu Mould Co.,Ltd.

Taizhou Chengpu Mould Co.,Ltd. is a professional China mould maker for auto moulds. Our company specializes in Auto bumper mould,  Auto dashboard mold, Auto door mould,  Auto lamp mould,  Auto Air-conditioner mould, and other interior & exterior moulds。
We have high techniques and all kinds of equipment with a group of professional technicians, we can provide one-step service of "product development, mould design, mould manufacturing, injection, and product assembly".  Also, we own CNC centre, Wire Cutting Machine, Electric Spark Molding Machine to develop and process the product of CAD/CAE/CAPP.
"Quality foremost, Customer first!" is our motto. We also keep improving the quality of the products and technical management and insist on designing competitive products to meet customers' requirements
We sincerely welcome you to visit our company and extend business!